OK.  So there is a genuine spooky abandoned house at the end of my street.  No kidding.  The kind of house that conjures up visions of dead bodies laying within its walls, late night satanic rituals, and fodder for nightmares countless; as well as urban myths and rumours amongst the local school kids who turn around at this spot in the school bus every day.

The Spooky House

Naturally then, I decided to take my 8 year old into the house to help her realise her fears were groundless.  But first, lets rewind this story a bit.  Back to September 2014.  I put a film pot camera up overlooking this spooky house.  In the tree nearby.  Not that spindly one at the front - that big old tree on the right of the pic above.  Nothing particularly spooky about that, except that I landed in a stinging nettle patch negotiating my way out of said tree.  The words that came out of my mouth were not pretty.  Maybe not spooky either, but definitely not pretty.  I digress.

Back to the spooky story.  So the excuse for a bike ride to the spooky house was to get the camera back down from the tree.  Come on Ames, says me, you’re up for an adventure aren’t you?  Enter Amy - 8, sensible, naturally cautious.  Still up for the adventure though, especially when I mentioned how much cred she’d have with her schoolmates when she told them she’d actually been INSIDE the spooky house.  There was an air of spooky apprehension on the ride up.

Now, I gotta say, it was pretty gosh darn spooky actually setting feet inside this ramshackle old house (although having Amy with me gave me the kind of bravado only a parent can generate when trying to show a child there is nothing to fear).  We were tentative.  We tiptoed.  We whispered.  We scarpered.  There were no dead bodies, no cults performing scary rituals in the spare bedroom.  In fact, I was more concerned for the integrity of the floor than of anything supernatural occurring.  That was until I developed the photo……..

You can see that this photo is anything but normal.  There is definitely some paranormal activity going on with this one - - there’s even a few spooky faces!!!!  It may not have helped that when I opened the camera I tipped out about half a cup of water :)  I actually really love this image - there is a depth and layering to it that I wouldn’t have thought possible on film paper.  It actually looks 3 dimensional.  Super abstract, but I love it all the same.  The circles and patterns - like some kind of lunar landing!  And there is some kind of solar trail activity in the background.  Something like sun trails trying to peek through the scary wonderment!

How much spookiness???  Spookarama!

Now stay tuned for Spooky House Part II - this is where I take my fearless 6 year old into the house instead, and plant a couple of pinhole cameras actually INSIDE.  Who knows what kind of spooky stuff will come through on that film??  Can’t wait to see!