I was going to call this post “20 Months of Woeful Neglect”, however blissful ignorance sounded a little, ahem, less harsh.

OK, so Yay, happy accident at last!  Big. Happy. Accident!!!!

This old coconut can camera has been around the traps.  Firstly I had it up on the barbed-wire fence bordering our property in 2012.  7 months later it produced a gorgeously stark image including barbed wire silhouettes and all.  Awesome!  So I tried again, superstitiously thinking it would produce another good image.  

(Incidentally this was one of the first ever pinhole cameras I made, and didn’t even have a working can opener at the time, so around the top edge is jagged and prone to biting your fingers when you’re trying to get film paper in and/or out of it again in a timely fashion and in dim light).  Personally I think the element of danger adds to the success of the image ;p

Anyhoo!  After that it was rebuilt and reloaded, and attached to a different spot on the fence in August 2013.  I walked away and went about my life.  (This is where the blissful ignorance part kicks in).  There is an adjoining paddock, and when my parents were visiting at the beginning of last month, Dad noticed it lying in the paddock and said, “hey, is there supposed to be a camera lying in the paddock here?” (you never know with me).  I grabbed it, quickly closed the shutter, (thinking “poo!”), shoved it in a dark cupboard, and then went about my life again for another few weeks.

Finally tonight I had the opportunity to open this crushed can, and try and pry the paper from it’s jagged jaws of doooooom, only cutting my fingers once in the process.

As soon as I got it out. *GASP*  I could see the gorgeousness of the image on the negative already.  OH MY GOSH!!!!!  Quick, scanner!  Quick, invert, flip, quick, import to photoshop.  Wow and WOW!

I’m so impressed by the tenacity of this camera and image.  In the face of my complete lazy (yes, woeful neglect, you can say it) obliviousness, it exposed a remarkable image.  A couple of concentrated light spots where the can was crushed by errant bovines, and maybe a third of the image obscured (probably the part of the pinhole that was covered by the long grass for the last …. however long!) but for the most part I am so fantastically happy with this one!  

Working title “Paddock Can” - let’s raise a glass to the determination of this image and camera in the face of hooves, inept operation and potentially faulty zip ties.  And yep, yays all round!