So.......Equinox to Equinox.  Sounds romantic doesn’t it?  I thought so too, when I put this camera up in the local cemetery back in September 2014.

There’s something about cemeteries.  I love this weighty history of these places.  The lives unknown, untold.  I’m always very respectful about putting cameras up in cemeteries, and have often had strange things happen to the images.  This one was no exception.

Some kind of possession completely took over this camera, so much so that there really is nothing recognisable in this image at all!  Actually that’s not entirely true.  There is the “sense” of a “tree”.  (And I think that’s just because I know it was attached to a tree!)  But apart from that, all manner of “stuff” has gotten into this camera, making this image one of the most fantastically abstract and layered images I’ve created.  Wahoo!  

Restless Spirits?  Or just fungus and water damage?

Yes, there are a couple of sun-trails, but barely any!  A tiny matrix of light poking out here and there from behind the branches.  And water damage?  Yep.  Fungus?  YES.  Restless spirits?  Quite possibly.

I love the multi-layered colour mashup in this image, and the starkly contrasting shapes.  It could possibly keep me entertained for quite a while yet!!

…..I’ll be back, cemetary!

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